near the motorways


Here are some of the reviews from the media.


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"Get this book and keep it in your car."
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"Hugh Cantlie has devoted himself to removing the gamble of getting off the motorway to find food."
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"Five best places to break the Journey."
classic cars weekly
"You'll make back what the guide costs through the savings you'll make in pub meals."
devon life
"My own personal experience - on trips to the Lake District and to Gatwick Airport - prove the book is fabulous"
cotswold life
"Lively watercolour sketches of pubs and restaurants breathe life into this handy glove-box guide"
"This latest version has been totally overhauled"
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"A handy guidebook for those who are often on the road"
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"Sick of being ripped off at soulless Service Stations?..."
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"Service Station? No thanks - so we are pleased to note that a new edition has just been published"
sunday miror
"If you ever find yourself driving down the M1 with hungry passengers, invest in Near the Motorways"
safety fast
"Ideal size for keeping in your glove box"
Cotswold link
"Near the Motorways provides an invaluable guide to the best UK refreshment stops within five minutes of the motorway."
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"Take Breaks Near the Motorways with you the next time you whizz up the M90 or down the M11."
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"Excellent alternatives to the generic Welcome Breaks and their ilk."
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"It may spare you the sins of rage and despair when confronting your fellow travellers en masse."
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"There are dozens of guidebooks to Britain, but here is one that is new and really useful."
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"Breaks near the Motorways is almost a dream come true ."
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"A selection of pleasant alternatives to those dreadful overpriced service stations."
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"Hugh Cantlie has rescued us from the dubious delights of service stations with his book."
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"This publication will become an essential addition to your glove box"
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"Illustrated with very clear maps and charming illustrations this is a very handy publication and an ideal gift too."
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"Near the Motorways is a compact and easy to use guide on quality but budget-conscious eateries away from the motorway rush."
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"I used this book on a recent trip down the M5 and was highly impressed."
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"Have you ever wished there was an alternative to motorway food? Well now there is."
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"Anybody who has had to endure a limp, overpriced sandwich at a motorway service station will bless this handy glove-box sized book."
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"If you regard motorway service stations as an insult to human dignity, then this book deserves a permanent place in your glovebox."
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"This unusual guide is full of quirky facts."